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  My family and I have been dedicated to Education and public schools in Germantown for the past 38 Years.  My two Sons Graduated from Germantown High and attended Germantown Elementary, Dogwood Elementary, Houston Middle, Germantown Middle and Germantown High from Kindergarten through Graduation. My Wife Julie retired a year ago after 31 years of teaching.

Our Primary Goal is to provide the best education for the children of Germantown.  We must develop a plan to ensure all Germantown Schools are neighborhood schools for Germantown residents.  The eight schools in Germantown were built for Germantown children and were enlarged to accommodate children outside of the city of Germantown.

I am a Deacon at the Germantown Baptist Church,  President of the Winchester Foresthill Homeowners association,  Past chairman of the Germantown Council of Neighborhood Associations, Secretary treasurer of the Mid-South Fire Chief’s Association, and serve on the executive committee of the Poplar Pike Art’s Guild and a life time member.

I started as a volunteer with the Germantown Fire Department in 1975 while in High School and started working with the department in 1977. I have served as Deputy Fire Chief since 1997 my primary duties are of budget development and administration as well as purchasing, infrastructure and asset maintenance, goal setting and long range planning.  I am well versed in the operations and procedures of the city of Germantown.

 I would greatly appreciate your VOTE at early voting or on November 7 as well as any assistance you can provide with my campaign, we are always looking for location for signs on well traveled streets.

Thank you for your support!                                                                                             Edgar Babian                                                                                                                          3580 Crestwyn Drive                                                                                                  Germantown, Tennessee 38138                                                                                       

E mail me at Eababian@gmail.com

Or call me at 496-6528 cell  755-0585 Home
















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